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Hello World!

We HAVE FOUND a new English Ministry Pastor. Thank you for your prayers!

We're a Christ community of thoughtful faith-in-action


Sunday Worship

We meet on Sunday from 11:00am-12:30pm with fellowship time and Sunday school, at 35479 Dumbarton Ct.

Children Ministries

Kids are important in our community. Jesus himself personally welcomed children into his arms. We want to help them grow, develop and have fun. So we encourage families to sit together as we sing during our Sunday worship. After worship songs, the kids will be led to have children worship while you can listen to sermon. Kids also have Sunday School class at 11am, where they'll learn and have fun. 


Community Groups

Our community groups are a chance for you to connect with other disciples, to engage each other in all aspects of life,  and grow your faith deeper together in God's playbook. 

Our community groups include Northward, Dual Citizens LIFE and Awana Youth Ministry. You may rollover to our Community Groups page for more information.

Wait, there're more!  Other ways to connect with us...
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