Youth Ministry

Awana Youth Ministry

youngDisciples is now Awana YM!

No matter how you approach the teenage years, it is a time when we are beginning to take shape. Many changes are happening, and a lot of our personal worldview is starting to be established. For many, this is the first time we are thinking about some of the deeper questions in life (Who am I? Why am I here? Who made everything?).

Awana YM is a fellowship for youth in grades 7-12 that challenges students to consider their destiny in Christ. Each of us has a place in the larger story that God is telling, and we pursue this purpose through life application of God’s Word.

At each fellowship meeting we dive into the greatest story ever told. Through scripture, daily devotion, and committing verses to heart, we explore the truth of the gospel. We also enjoy a good dose of fun, with field trips, parties, and games!

Our fellowship is a complement to what parents can do everyday to support your child’s walk with the Lord. Throughout the week, families can discuss the daily devotion questions and use the “His Story Parent Guide” to keep up.

Together we look forward to growing together in our walk with the Lord!

Sunday School

Sunday School is an opportunity for youth to continue to dive deeper into the Word of God. Youth that are currently Junior High or High School students are encouraged to participate in one of the Sunday School classes where a teacher will lead them through a Bible lesson as well as interactive discussion and memorable games. Sunday School begins at 9:45 AM SHARP every Sunday before the Worship service.

For our adult small groups, check out Northward and Dual Citizens.